DDI Virtual Classroom Trainings

Bring Leadership Training to Life in a Virtual World!

Virtual Classroom Trainings

Virtual Classroom Trainings

The world has made a fast change to remote work. And that makes it the ideal time to pivot learning to the virtual classroom.

DDI’s virtual classroom brings your leaders together for engaging leadership development no matter where they are in the world. No matter the time or location, your leaders will meet live to learn from an instructor. They’ll practice skills together. And most importantly, they’ll build connections with each other.

Your leaders may be scattered across locations. But we can bring them together virtually to build one unified vision of leadership in your organization.

Why Virtual Classroom Works?

  • Mastery of skills from virtual classroom training: %90 (Training Magazine, "Virtual vs. Classroom Training,” 2016)
  • Average increase in quality of leaders: %77 (DDI Impact Evaluation)
  • Overall satisfaction ratings from leaders: %90 (DDI workshop evaluation from 7,080 leaders)
  • %60 of learning professionals say they’re shifting to virtual leadership programs (DDI Data, 2020)

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is unlike other types of online learning. It’s not a webinar. Nor is it a dry online course leaders can click through. Rather, the virtual classroom brings all the rich advantages of the traditional classroom into the virtual world. A certified facilitator leads the course via a live video conferencing platform.

Leaders engage in lively conversation. Participate in activities. Share whiteboards. And most importantly, connect with each other to practice skills. In short, you can get the same results virtually as you can in the traditional classroom. Just minus the physical handshakes and travel costs.
for video about DDI Virtual Classroom Trainings please click the link.

High-Impact Courses

We’ve been designing and delivering virtual classroom courses for more than a decade. Today, we’re ready to bring more than 40 leadership courses to your (virtual) doorstep. The content all comes from our award-winning learning systems, which are proven to boost your bottom line. And we offer the courses across levels, whether you need to train your emerging leaders, managers, or early executives.

Download the Virtual Classroom Trainings list from the following link.


Virtual Learning Journeys

Develop the Skills Your Leaders Need—Virtually

We’ve built powerful virtual learning journeys designed for the specific skills your leaders will need to adapt and lead through tough times. These learning journeys are designed to help your leaders:
• Lead through change and disruption
• Maintain morale and engagement
• Lead in a virtual environment
• Stay strong under stress and pressure
• Continue to coach and support others
• Have meaningful conversations
• Excel as a first-time manager
With DDI’s learning journeys, you can BUILD skills with virtual classroom sessions or web-based courses, BOOST learning with hyper-relevant microcourses, and SUSTAIN growth with on-demand tools.
Explore what we’ve designed for you—or we’ll help you design your own virtual program.

Brush Up Your Virtual Facilitator Skills

Whether in a virtual or in-person classroom, every facilitator needs to be an engaging presenter. They need to know how to include everyone in the conversation, and guide them to higher skill levels.
But in a virtual environment, there are a few unique challenges. That’s why we developed a special virtual booster session to help DDI-certified facilitators make the leap to the virtual world. We also offer our full train-the-trainer certification process in a virtual format. No matter what you need, we’re prepared to walk by your side as you take leadership development into the virtual world.


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