Accelerating Emerging Executive Leaders in the Era of Disruption

Accelerating Emerging Executive Leaders in the Era of Disruption

03-10-2019 — Taurus Group Consulting will take place as Congress Main Sponsor in the Peryön Human Management Congress, which will be on 21-22 November 2019.

This presentation will discuss examples of organizations utilizing combination of assessment and development methods to grow disruptive leaders who can mobilize business transformation in response to rapidly changing markets and become the organizations’ next generation of senior leaders. (22nd November / Friday 1.00 - 2.00 PM / Anadolu Oditoryum )

Participants completed a virtual assessment centre and experiential development program to inform their development as leaders with the mandate to disrupt the status quo and purposefully and visibly create alignment with the external environment.

What differentiates this cohort of leaders from all others and which competencies are critical for their success today? The presentation will review details and insights from implementing assessment centers with an integration of development programs that can serve as a launching point for accelerated growth of disruptive leaders in modern organizations.

Audrey B. Smith, Ph.D.  (Senior Vice President, DDI Executive Services)

Global talent strategy partner for Boards, CEOs, executive leaders and teams striving for high performance, business transformation and growth. 

As leader of DDI’s Executive Services, Audrey collaborates with Boards, CEOs, and executives striving for high performance, business transformation, and growth.  She brings over 25 years of global experience to creating new possibilities in the context of C-suite/senior leadership succession, assessment, coaching and development. She also partners with CEOs to mobilize their teams around mission, strategic focus and cultural imperatives for change. A key architect and thought leader for DDI solutions, Audrey frequently contributes to blogs, research and books, recently including “Why Disruption is the CEO’s Best Friend”, “Are we Underselling the promise of women in STEM roles?”, “The DNA of Inclusion”, “High Resolution Leadership,” and Leaders Ready Now (2016, with Matt Paese and Bill Byham).