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DDI’s Assessing Talent® behavioral assessments include solutions for hiring, promoting, and growing leaders. These assessments provide the critical insight necessary to accelerate development for current and future leaders’ strengths and weaknesses.

These simulations will help your organization:

  • Enhance selection decisions with in-depth analyses of candidates’ leadership or sales competencies.
  • Provide candidates with a realistic preview of leadership challenges, enabling them to make better career decisions.
  • Improve new-hire readiness with targeted plans for development that reduce ramp-up time and lower training costs.
  • Reduce additional costs associated with travel, time, and administration.

These easy-to-use, highly-predictive assessments feature:

  • Modular components that can be tailored to job requirements.
  • Content that targets job-specific capabilities.
  • A day-in-the-life format that closely simulates workplace interactions.

First and Mid-Level Managers and Candidates

Our simulation that measures key areas of leadership and provides organizations with a view of how a potential entry- or mid-level leader would handle typical job activities, such as managing a work unit and motivating, developing, and retaining talent, and handling customer issues. Organizations can also use the assessment results to make hiring and promotion decisions or to diagnose development needs of current and/or future managers.

The Benefits

  • Determines who can successfully navigate the shift from individual contributor to entry-level manager roles and from entry-level to mid-level manager roles.
  • Increases participant understanding of expectations and job challenges in a new leadership role.
  • Improves the quality of hiring, placement, and early leadership identification decisions.
  • Pinpoints strengths and development needs of incumbent managers so they become stronger faster.

The Details

  • Assessment includes highly realistic simulations that measure key skill areas associated with leading and managing others in a service environment. This is a modular system. DDI will work with you to select the modules most relevant to your entry- and mid-level manager positions.
  • All modules follow a day-in-the-life format that provides your participants with an integrated experience that parallels the challenges faced on the job.
  • DDI works with you to configure the exercises in the program to match your organization’s specific strategies. This typically results in a half-day to a full-day assessment experience.

Senior Level Leaders and Candidates

Assessing Talent® is a combination of proven executive assessment tools and methods that deliver unparalleled insights into executives’ capabilities and readiness for critical business priorities. DDI’s executive assessments combine robust, day-in-the-life simulation experiences with personality and interview assessments to yield critical talent insights.

This executive assessment platform will help your organization:

  • Ensure you have the needed quantity and quality of data on your leadership candidates to make more confident, higher quality talent decisions.
  • Examine leadership readiness—at the individual and group levels—to effectively execute business strategy.
  • Identify critical leadership strengths and capability gaps to inventory talent against business priorities.
  • Create more targeted and efficient development programs to accelerate leaders faster.

Assessing Talent helps you assess your mid-level and senior leaders with:

  • Consistent quality of assessment delivery and leader measurement across the globe.
  • Partial- and full-day simulations designed for operational or strategic leadership, plus interviews, personality inventories, and other measures of leadership effectiveness.
  • Individual feedback via rich insights reports and a feedback dialogue with an experienced executive coach.
  • Strategic talent review consultation with senior stakeholders, enabling rapid development and deployment.

Development Guides

Development Guides are prepared with the aim to help participants begin their own learning journey and adjust their pace for growth as they wish. DDI’S research department CABER has prepared these guides specifically for development purposes and they include variety of article, magazine and book references for each competency.


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