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The Digital Age is upon us and thriving.

The Digital Age is upon us and thriving.

In the world of VUCA, comprehension, strategy, and action are required to take place at bullet's speed. How can organizations embrace this rapid change and succeed in the Digital Age?  These courses will help you understand the new leadership practices for the Digital Age.

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Leading in the Digital World:

Future-ready leaders must be able to strategize and operate at bullet’s speed. This series focuses on helping leaders understand new leadership practices necessary for the future.

Leading Digital Execution:

Future-ready leaders know that staying relevant in the future means understanding the changing dynamics of business. This series focuses on helping leaders address challenges creatively and drive business exponentially.

Leading Digital Transformation:

Digital disruption is necessitating leaders to overcome tectonic shifts. This series focuses on enabling future-ready leaders to redefine strategies and business models to respond to new opportunities towards a digital future.

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Leading in the Digital World

  • Introduction to Digital Leadership:

    1. Build basic awareness of latest Digital trends and disruptions.
    2. Understand the context in which a Digital Leader operates.
    3. Understand the 4 personas of a Digital Leader: Networked Leader, Sense-making Leader, Design Leader and Agile Leader.

  • Design Leadership:

    1. Understand the persona, mindset and skills of a Design Leader.
    2. Develop an Exponential mindset and learn to challenge the status quo.
    3. Uncover what it takes to build Innovative solutioning by decoding empathy.
    4. Utilize Inclusion in order to integrate diverse points of view.
    5. Develop calculated risk taking abilities and an openness to ambiguity and failure.

  • Agile Leadership:

    1. Understand the persona, mindset and skills of an Agile Leader.
    2. Develop a continuous learning mindset and demonstrate the ability to unlearn and re-learn at a rapid pace.
    3. Learn to demonstrates customer centricity, the ability to keep customers at the center of the decision-making process and rapidly iterate to create value.
    4. Learn to demonstrates change agility, the ability to manage and drive change within the organization.
    5. Become adept at talent dexterity, the ability to flex leadership styles.

Leading Digital Execution

  • Data Visualization for Informed Decision Making:

    1. Become familiar with the most effective formats for accurately representing data.
    2. Learn how to identify and highlight relevant information in visuals.
    3. Develop the skill to draw correct inferences and conclusions from available data.
    4. Understand how to generate insights in a manner that compels and engages the audience.

  • Agile Way of Working:

    1. Respond to changes in the business environment in an Agile manner.
    2. Leverage Agile values to create customer centric solutions.
    3. Enable teams to adopt Agile principles in their approach.

  • Driving Innovation through Design Thinking:

    1. Describe the fundamentals of Design Thinking.
    2. Solve complex challenges through the process of structured design thinking.
    3. Identify ways to drive innovation in your organization and deliver stellar value to customers.
    4. Generate ideas to build a culture of innovation in your teams and in your organization.

  • Clearing the Digital BLUR:

    1. Become aware of digital trends that are driving digital transformation of organizations.
    2. Clear the digital BLUR by first clearly defining what Digital means to business, what the top myths are around Digital and present insights on the three types of digital disruptions we see in the industry.
    3. Bring to sharp focus the four crucial business lines that are blurring away in the digital age.

Leading Digital Transformation

  • Becoming a Digital Change Champion:

    1. Understand what is digital.
    2. Learn how digital is introducing changes in various functions within organizations.
    3. Understand various frameworks that can help you become change ready.
    4. Learn various skills that you need to develop to champion digital change across the organization.
    5. Apply the learning in an exciting gamified environment.

  • Digital LEAPFROG Strategy:

    1. Unlock exponential growth using the ecosystem.
    2. Build competitive advantage and a competitive moat for the business.
    3. Create a thriving ecosystem that adds tremendous value to customers.

  • Digital Fault Lines:

    1. Understand the Internal and External Fault lines.
    2. Learn how to navigate Internal fault lines revolving around the structure, process and information flow, goal and incentive alignment.
    3. Learn how to navigate External fault lines that are mainly related to how the organization manages conflicts, how open or closed they should be to the external environment, how they should manage ecosystem data, processes around innovation.


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