Targeted Selection Training

Targeted Selection Training

23-04-2021 — Targeted Selection Training will be held on 18 – 19 November 2021 in Virtual Classroom (Zoom).

Targeted Slection Training focuses on three processes that are important for successful recruitment and promotion: defining the right selection criteria by defining the success profile; gathering important information about the candidate; evaluation of the collected information and giving a correct recruitment decision.

In order to achieve the objectives of the training, all participants will interview the actual candidates on the second day of the training, after receiving the theoretical information and seeing positive models. In this way, they get the chance to apply their new skills for the first time in a safe environment and they also receive feedback from participants and trainers about the skills they exhibit.


  • Identifying the Right Criteria: Successful selection decisions are based on using the right selection criteria. The first step of Targeted Selection is to identify those criteria, what DDI calls dimensions and what some organizations call competencies, through job analysis. Job analysis is the basis for Targeted Selection’s effectiveness, accuracy, and legal credibility. Job analysis involves determining what activities make up a job and what skills and abilities are required to per-form those activities. Job analyses can be accomplished in a number of ways, using your resources or DDI’s as you desire.
  • Gathering Candidate Information: The second part of a successful hiring decision depends on effectively gathering complete behavioral information for each candidate. Targeted Selection accomplishes this task through interviews using custom interview guides, simulations, and assessments of motivational fit.
  • Evaluating Candidate Information:The final part of the Targeted Selection process involves thorough analysis and integration of all candidate data gathered by all interviewers. Before sharing information about a candidate, interviewers individually rate each targeted dimension. Then all interviewers meet to exchange and integrate behavioral data using a systematic process. This organized effort enables everyone involved to efficiently share behavioral data and make an informed selection decision.

Target audience: Anyone involved in candidate screening and interviewing. 
Date: 18 – 19 November  2021
Duration: Virtual Classroom workshop requiring two full days.
Venue: Zoom Application
Group size: 12 People
Contact: Gülderen Aktaş
Phone: 0212 299 98 88