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Leadership Courses Built on Science

At DDI, we build everything based on science. Our leadership courses are deeply rooted in psychology, and focused on delivering measurable change in your leaders. More importantly, we offer deeply engaging experiences that teach leaders to think, act, and make decisions differently. And with deep experience in virtual and online options, you can reach your leaders no matter where they work. When you use DDI courses, you’ll see more than a change in your leaders. You’ll see a change in your bottom line.

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Bring Leadership Training to Life in a Virtual World (DDI Virtual Classroom)

The world has made a fast change to remote work. And that makes it the ideal time to pivot learning to the virtual classroom. DDI’s virtual classroom brings your leaders together for engaging leadership development no matter where they are in the world. No matter the time or location, your leaders will meet live to learn from an instructor. They’ll practice skills together. And most importantly, they’ll build connections with each other. Your leaders may be scattered across locations. But we can bring them together virtually to build one unified vision of leadership in your organization.
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A Perfectly Curated Digital Experience (DDI PinPoint)

When it comes to leadership development that actually works, it's all about the experience. So instead of setting your leaders loose in a huge library of content, give them access to a personalized learning experience with only the content they need. DDI’s Pinpoint platform provides leaders with focused content that’s aligned to your leadership development strategy. DDI's Pinpoint platform puts leadership development at your leaders' fingertips. So they can become better leaders while they're at their desk, on a plane, or riding the subway. 

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Training Series for First Level Leaders and Experts: Interaction Management® (IMEX)

If your leadership development efforts aren't paying off, chances are you're not using Interaction Management®. Not all leadership development is created equal, and there's a sizable difference between what delivers results and what doesn't. That's what sets IM® apart!

Designed to develop critical interpersonal and leadership skills through behavior modeling and practice, Interaction Management has been used by leading organizations to develop more than 10 million leaders worldwide and impact their business results. In a new study across 40+ years of research, data-based evidence proves how IM has positively impacted organizations:

  • Increased employee engagement by 51%
  • Increased productivity by 36%
  • Improved quality of work by 48%
  • Decreased turnover by 77%
  • Develop exceptional leaders

Transform your frontline into exceptional catalyst leaders with Interaction Management, an award-winning and comprehensive competency-based leadership development system. Develop the Interaction Essentials to increase the emotional intelligence of your leaders and individual contributors and use the STAR approach to provide effective feedback. IM can transform managers into the exceptional leaders your organization needs them to be—and exceptional people, even outside of the workplace!

A complete ecosystem for today's leader

Since it first debuted in 1973, the Interaction Management system has been continually updated and has evolved into a technology-enabled leadership development ecosystem. Get powerful results with an expansive offering of content, tools, and delivery options that meets your leaders' needs for engagement, learning, and growth. Explore all the elements that include 30+ courses, assessments, games and simulations, manager support, application tools, measurement, and more just contact with us.

Business Impact Leadership® (For Senior Leaders and Candidates)

To make decisions, leaders in senior ranks consider risks, ever-developing technology and human dynamics while they enable these decisions to become realities within their own area of responsibility. But with increasing spans of control, the complexity of global business, and rapid change, their jobs have become tougher—often overwhelming—and despite all challenges, senior leaders need to adapt fast and stay on top of it.

With DDI’s Business Impact Leadership® series, you can:

  • Connect development to the business context.
  • Build highly capable leaders who can take your business where it needs to go.
  • Accelerate development of your senior leader candidates.
  • Add-on to the development of your current senior leaders.

Business Impact Leadership® offers case studies, discovery learning, self-insight tools, and manager support tools perfectly suited to the mid-level audience.

The Business Impact Leadership® series can be used in a Learning Journey that may include leadership assessments and executive coaching to amplify and reinforce development.

Learning Journeys

Tailor-made for your development needs

Do leaders consider "development” as simply attending a training program, or does your organization drive a culture of continuous learning?

Development is not a one-time event. It’s a journey filled with learning experiences, both formal and informal, in which individuals face challenges that help them grow with time. A Learning Journey is a unique plan that is founded on the challenges facing your organization and the most critical things leaders must do to achieve business success in the future.

Designed for groups, cohorts, or communities of leaders, a Learning Journey takes place over time and incorporates a strategic mix of well-designed learning methods intended to meet the needs of today’s learner, while also meeting the needs of the business. It begins with a review of relevant organizational and assessment data, the business drivers, and the target audience’s development gaps. This information is used as the starting point for designing the Learning Journey.

Perfectly tailored to your organization’s strategies, leadership culture, and the specific needs of your learners, a Learning Journey’s unique design maximizes and sustains learning to change behavior. Create transformative learning experiences with:

  • Your business drivers as a starting point.
  • A variety of leadership assessments.

A full range of award-winning content for all levels of leaders: frontline, mid-level, and senior leaders.

Informal learning components before, during, and after formal training, such as simulations, application projects back on the job, peer networking groups, and manager support tools to reinforce development.


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